April 22, 2014


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April 22, 2014
more ideas for the tonight show


  1. barbershop cover of hip-hop song
  2. broadway cover of hip-hop song
  3. two white guys do “history of rap”
  4. news anchor covers hip-hop song
  5. david after dentist covers hip-hop song
  6. hillary clinton covers hip hop song
  7. lindsay lohan uses a super soaker
  8. david attenborough covers a hip-hop song
  9. lena dunham covers hip-hop song
  10. history of rap XI
  11. opera cover of a hip-hop song
  12. barack obama smiles and does a cool finger point

April 3, 2014
Avery Fisher Hall, a little earlier this evening. Something different! I got tickets from a friend from work …

Avery Fisher Hall, a little earlier this evening. Something different! I got tickets from a friend from work …

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March 28, 2014
Why I need #CancelColbert


One of my most trusted friends, an Asian man, told me I was flat-out wrong to support #CancelColbert. Just documenting my response here.

I know that as a writer you’re already aware, satire is a tool intended to enact social criticism through ridicule. It’s supposed to subvert power. Unless used…

March 20, 2014

How to sell chewing gum (I’m sold)

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March 19, 2014

Prosecutor of the Crimean republic, Natalia Poklonskaya. via kotaku:


…Riza Hawkeye!

Someone suggests in kotaku comments that the anime fan portraits are “kinda degrading.” Yes/no? Shrug! I do wonder why there aren’t more anime-styled political cartoons, personally.

March 19, 2014
Crimea's Attorney General Spawns Anime Fan Art

Wow! It’s Riza Hawkeye. Be sure to watch the video …

March 12, 2014

Nebula 76

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March 11, 2014


Tokyo’s Incredible Street Fashion

Japan’s street fashion scene has long inspired and fascinated adventurous style-watchers across the world. Since the early 1990s, fashion tribes—from ganguro to Lolita—have united people interested in developing hyperstylized looks. Initially intrigued by an article describing makeup trends among Japan’s nightlife crowd, New York–based photographer Thomas C. Card spent several months in Tokyo in spring 2012 creating portraits of the city’s most striking citizens for his book Tokyo Adorned. Although many of the people he photographed showed characteristics of various fashion tribes, Card noted the fierce individualism his subjects expressed in describing their style. “The thing I found absolutely amazing once I was on the ground in Tokyo was that the fashions were very much centered around the individual and less around the tribe,” Card said. “In the early part of our production process, we were thinking of this as different tribes and groups that were very close and defined. I was thrilled when I got there to find that nearly all the girls really view this as an expression of themselves.”

During Card’s first trip to Tokyo, he spent hours each day on the street looking for subjects. “It seemed clear to me that the best way to gain trust was to have people with me on set who could spread the word in the streets. Eventually, we found two women who came in for a session, which was a huge success. That opened the door for us to reach people,” Card said.

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March 10, 2014

From TOP TEN, Book Two by Alan Moore. I immediately recognized this moment in the finale of True Detective and had my copy nearby …

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